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This Website was created to SEO Hero Wix contest

Today november 16, Wix start a contest to proof that your websites are the best for SEO, we don’t agree with it.
We created this wordpress website to show that someone that rank well a wix website is a real hero because wix are terrible for SEO.

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The wix free website platform create a challenge, that they will pay $ 50.000 to someone that rank highest than their website for the term “seo hero”.
We appreciate the WIX efforts to be better in SEO but let’s show them WordPress is the better platform for SEO in the world.

We are expecting all wordpress comunity help us in this battle, iiiiiiiiiiit’s time.

The idea

All the wordpress developers and friends can create your own post in our website and tell us why do you think wordpress is the real SEO HERO. How more you write better will be for us. You can divulgate your services and contacts in your posts an share in your social midia.

The Prize

If our website win the challenge we will donate all the money to a charity organization in Brazil.

This way us and wordpress will be real SEO heroes

Please leave a comment bellow and register to create your page

This contest will be impossible to win!

Now I’ll make some considerations about this contest.
When Wix announced the challenge I rapidly buy a new domain and build the website, I really don’t checked the about past uses os this domain and don’t remember see some rule about expired domains in the early days of contest, but ok… I don’t care if my website is ineligible.

Let me tell you about some thing it’s happening this days, I realy don’t make any effort to rank my website, I’m a SEO agency owner in Brazil and use my time working for my clients and my personal projects I realy don’t have time for it.

Now I’ll tell you why I think no one can win the challenge, yesterday I used ahrefs to look for some natural backlinks and for my surprise my website gained a huge number of links, bad links! Some people are sending spam links for my website!

Why would they do that? Negative SEO? No…. today negative SEO is very risky, if penguin 4.0 don’t devalue the links, that links can help me instead of disturbing. So I thought, This bad links can make my website ineligible for the contest rules!

In Item 4.1.3 of contest rules, they say

“The Hero Websites must be created, maintained and promoted in compliance with the Google Guidelines for SEO published at (the “Guidelines”). Any activity in violation of the Guidelines may disqualify the Participant and its respective Entry from participating in the Contest. ”

Ok if I send spam links to WIX result on “seo hero” SERP, that website will be disqualificated, for don’t follow the Google guidelines for “link schemes”! [I’m not going to do it, it’s just an example]

Can you realise it? If my website were eligible and I were in top 1 result in the end of contest that spam links, sended by others would make my website ineligible!

What do you think about it? Say in comments!

29 thoughts on “SEO Hero Wix”

  1. I agree WordPress is much better than Wix for SEO both out of the box and with all the additional options you can include via plugins. Wix is not customizable enough.

  2. Both CMS platforms have plenty of room for improvement! WP released their new theme this year that included a customizable video header, but it only works on the front page. An interface that could totally customize each webpage individually would be stellar! Global website settings are terrible for SEO.

  3. Awesome SEO Ninja you are dominating results without SSL and this site proves that where private data is not being transferred SSL is useless, and can even slow server response time!

  4. Olá. Aprecio muito o trabalho do webmaster que criou esse site.
    Realmente acredito que o WP é extremamente ágil no que diz respeito ao SEO.

    Acredito que esse tipo de “campeonato” ajuda muito quem trabalha no campo. Observar o trabalho de gente muito boa como o editor desse site e outros pode acrescentar muito àquilo que já sei. Seria interessante conversar sobre um desafio SEO anual a ser realizado em nível BRASIL.

    No BRASIL temos o desafio SEOPAPESE, onde concorrorremos com a humilde url <> Obviamente não temos o “cacife” dos experts. Mas, creio que é sempre oportunidade de aprender com quem sabe.

    Desejo mesmo que você se sagre vencedor e estaremos observando o comportamento do pessoal do WIX nesse empreendimento.

  5. Firstly, Well done on getting your site in the top 10 results. Though it may not qualify due to domain registration date requirements. Secondly, You are right. WordPress is without a doubt an SEO Hero itself. Your idea of donating the winning to a charity is also great! My website for the contest is
    Hope the best site wins.

  6. Interesting take on the whole thing. I was thinking the same thing that whoever is at the top will just get blasted with web spam. Good idea to donate the money to a charity, that’s what True SEO Heroes would do, let’s win the wix seo challenge.

  7. Not too long till the winner is announced now. I entered at but I doubt I’ll win – was hoping for a shot at runner-up but yeah, I’ve not done a huge amount to the site really, and I did wonder about how aggressive people will be link-building and such.

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